Ministries of the Sisters of the Sorrowful Mother

Bringing Fuller Life to Others

The Sisters of the Sorrowful Mother both serve and empower the poor by sharing God’s love through ministry and contemplative prayer. We share hope, faith and love in many ways.

We are teachers, compassionate caregivers, attentive counselors, caring friends and gentle companions to those in need–the sick, the poor, the young, the old and those in crisis. We live simply, give generously, and have a deep respect and loving concern for all of creation. Through prayer and work, we bring fuller life to others.

In the Caribbean, the Sisters have sponsored ministries including the Franciscan Institute (Trinidad/Tobago, Grenada & St. Lucia); St. Rose Modern Secondary School in Grenada; the St. Martin Retreat Centre in Grenada; and other teaching, healing and volunteer ministries across the islands.

We also founded and sponsored a national healthcare system in the U.S., Marian Heath Care, which consisted of three regional healthcare systems: Ministry Health (across Wisconsin, Iowa and Minnesota), Via Christi (based in Wichita, Kansas), and St. John’s Health Systems (based in Tulsa, Oklahoma). In 2014, transition of sponsorship was completed from Marian Health Systems and SSM to Ascension Health Ministries. Read more about Ascension Health here.

We also have founded and sponsored schools and other educational facilities, community centers, orphanages, a retirement community and other ministries that help bring fuller life to others and empower the poor.

Ministries our Sisters today are involved in:

  • Education (elementary, high school and adult)
  • Administration
  • Nursing
  • Pastoral Care
  • Chaplaincy
  • Counseling (family and marriage, alcohol and drug abuse, art therapists, licensed professional counselors)
  • Social work
  • Childcare
  • Spiritual direction
  • Youth ministry
  • Visiting the sick and homebound
  • Mission work serving the poor in various countries

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Mission Statement

The Sisters of the Sorrowful Mother participate in the mission of Jesus to bring fuller life to others by revealing the love of God for all, especially the poor.